DragonDancers: step by step to China!
DragonDancers is a consulting agency in China, firmly rooted in both the Chinese and the Western cultures. We stand out from other consultants, because we represent both cultures. Our strong marketing background and our business network in both ‘worlds’ enable us to interpret the Chinese market information of each company or product. Doing business with us means that we will incorporate you in our extensive network.

We offer you: achieving your commercial targets with our professionalism, dynamic and creative approach.  Your success is our success.  

DragonDancers will help you to be successful in China in 3 steps!

1. Personalized business delegations

We help companies to arrange tailor-made business trips to companies and authorities in China, related to your branch of trade. We give you our impressions of the country and an introduction to the culture and history of China. You are the expert in your own operating department and you use your own jargon. We support you to test your marketing plans to the domestic market situation. In this process we will optimally inform you how to do business in China and we will keep you updated of the current economic situation.
2. Market research, selection of suppliers, consultancy

Assessing the feasibility and the success of your ideas in the current situation, that is our know-how. With our local Chinese professionals and Western marketing knowledge and experience, we can provide a clear picture of your specific situation, ideas and plans. 

Besides doing a thorough market research, DragonDancers is also an expert in solving practical purchasing problems. Against what conditions can the product that you wish to purchase be supplied? Who are the suppliers and how do they operate? What kind of logistic obstacles will have to be cleared? These are just a few relevant and common questions we can help you with finding the answers to. We invite you to use our access roads; China is hot, though by no means an easy country for a Western company, starting on the Chinese market. Starting to operate on the Chinese market without making good preparations has often led to frustrations, disappointment and has even led to leaving the market again after a few years. No one will benefit from that, and certainly not you. Therefore we would be pleased to give you our vision on your ideas. 

3. Outsourcing

China is far away, it is a vast country and very different and DragonDancers is thoroughly acquainted with. Once you have made the decision to come into operation in China, DragonDancers can represent you in that vast country. We offer you to monitor appointments with your Chinese partners and to maintain your precious and labor-intensive business relation. We can be of service with quality control and process monitoring. We will give you regular, clear and detailed reports on the progress being achieved.

With our services you will gain access to the Chinese market in your own language and through one channel only. You will save costs of having an employee on location without losing influence and control. DragonDancers is a flexible organization and is cost-reducing!

Should you are interested in our services; please do not hesitate to contact us for a talk - free of obligations - with one of our members of staff. 

Remember: Working for tomorrow starts today!