Sales representation

Everybody reads in the papers that China is booming. When an economy is growing with an average rate of 10% a year, consumer spending and investments grow as well. Thus, many foreign business see the purchasing power of the Chinese market going up for years.

How realistic is the success of your product on the Chinese market? Many domestic factors in China are a complete contradiction of the homeland situation of most Western countries.

A sales estimation and initial strategy are the first steps to answer this question.

After successfully concluding that the Chinese market brings investing potential, we will start with the implementation of the strategy.

Our office provides you with a dedicated local employee in an A-grade office building managed by a China expert that understand both cultures and can discuss your business activities at strategic level.
We use the following instruments for minimizing the risk as much as possible:

- A China expert working on an hourly tariff
- Flexible use of office space & facilities 
- Postponing complicated registration formalities
- Consumer market approach in same language, culture and time-zone