Mass production has caused a decrease attention on minor mistakes which can only make a product perfect. Quality checks are essential for bringing attention to your product during the production process.

Over the years, we have carried out several quality checks for various sectors of the economy such as steel industry, glass industry & the high-tech market. 

The elements that makes our checks successful is the attitude towards all levels that are involved in the production process and our complete and fast reporting.

With help of daily reports, checklist and graphic materials our clients have as much access to information as they would have visiting the production facility. 

Our service includes immediate reporting via checklists, photographic materials and daily overviews. With two clicks our clients can log on to our website and monitor the progress from any place any time.
We maintain your relationships with the factory management, but even more important, we show our face on the factory floor and we provide the people at working level with special attentions as if they were our clients.  

All of our European quality checkers are Chinese speaking and are in this way enabled to observe situations from different cultural angles.

Let us be your eyes on the factory floor and contact us today.