2008 is the year of the Olympic games for Beijing. DragonDancers has specialy created a program for before and during the games.

Of course we will visit Olympic facillities and venues, provide background information about city renewal projects and the social & economical impact of the Olympic games in China.

Our theme related incentives are meant to make you realise the impact of China’s history, its economic growth and its future population growth on world level. We organise incentives around four themes that give you a better in dept understanding of China and that will change your way of thinking:
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Corporate Social Responsibly:

The economic and social development in China goes too fast for society to adapt. How to live, to work and to do business with a country in a split between old & new, rich & poor, winners & losers.

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One century in China: 

This program focuses on the influence of the past on the current mentality of the Chinese people. The drive to excel, the though working mores and the international politics of China do largely result from the glorious moments and misfortunes in the past. 
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Architecture & Design:

China’s art, architecture and design becomes more and more en vogue. Be at the forefront of a new economic boom in this country, learn about designers, buy art from not yet renowned artist and indulge your self in the beauty of a true Beijing Opera
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Yuan VS Euro’s: 

This theme focuses on the economic development in China in the broadest sense of the word. We will survey the results of the current frog leap development of the country itself and Europe.
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Sport & Games: 

That sports and games represent cultures is well known. Tai-qi workshops, Traditional Chinese medical practice and massage are almost unavoidable parts of this theme.

But have you ever learned about the people behind the Chinese national circus? How are people recruited and how is their life style?

We will visit Beijing’s most prestigious education institute and learn more about (social) backgrounds, status and motivation behind the scenes.
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