Your office in China

Having your own people in China, is a must if your target is to developing activities on strategic level. Even though most managers are well aware of this fact, the step to open an office in China, turns out to be a big step for many. With postponing this, their activities will be idle and value time and initial investments are lost.

DragonDancers represent your office in China without delay or start-up time. Using our knowledge, facilities and contacts, we provide a low-risk and low-cost solution on the Chinese market.

No need for difficult registrations and formalities. We translated and localize your facilities and offer our infrastructure. Having your own local employees and manager with knowledge of both cultures is one of reasons why many companies using this as a first “feel” with the Chinese market. 

Without difficulties you immediatly have your own:
- Office in Beijing (Local telephone number, Chinese promotion material, office equipment, etc)
- Chinese employees
- Reliable Dutch and English speaking management
- Local Financial administration