What makes the difference?


We are physically present in the Chinese market and capable of successfully monitoring your business matters on-location. 

You can use us for planning and coordinating your meetings with manufacturers and suppliers, for making hotel reservations, even ordering taxis. We can take care of it all.

Imagine doing market research on China without physically being there. Differences in time and differences in language and culture make communication time-consuming and difficult. DragonDancers can overcome these hurdles. The core principle of our service is actually rather simple to understand. We act as a support team for your company and monitor your business activities in China; by doing so we can save you time, money and energy.

Multicultural angles
Because of the differences in language and culture, many superficially clear facts in China can have a different meaning and need to be converted into useful marketing information that will aid in your quest for success. The DragonDancers team is made up of both Chinese and Western professionals who can highlight various aspects of each market situation from different angles.

Import marketing for the domestic market

The combination of our Western marketing skills and Chinese experience allows us to convert Chinese market information into Western marketing concepts. We bridge the gap and maintain healthy and productive relations with your Chinese business partners. 

As you are literally a world away, assistance in bridging this gap is essential. With our strong marketing skills and solid, integrated footing in Chinese culture, our ultimate ambition is to be a respected and trusted bridge-builder between China and Europe. 

In that respect, we are proud to say that we are truly without equal! Of course the composition of professionals in each project team will be tailored to your area of trade as much as possible.

Step-by-step investment

To reduce costs during the initial period of entry, we will hire staff to assist you, who can work from our office. We can help you can avoid the headaches of setting up your own office, applying for work permits, or sending an expensive expat, but still have access to the professional facilities and logistics of the DragonDancers Team.

Combining expertise
One of DragonDancers┬┤ ambitions is to shorten the distance between China and Western countries, increasing the market potential of Western trade and industry in China. 

You are an expert in your own operating department, and we know what is happening in the Chinese market. Combining knowledge and exchanging experience is essential for successful results and for finding and avoiding pitfalls.