The Orientation Stage 

Judging about something you haven't experience, let alone understanding it, is difficult. 
The first step in doing business with China, is visiting the country. In this stage an efficient and successful delegation is your main target.

Depending on your requirements, DragonDancers can help you to get the best out of any visit, by finding a balance between work and relaxation, cultural interests and financial gains, to give you a deeper understanding of China. 

Formulating the desired results of your business trip in advance, will greatly benefit your trip in terms of efficiency and success.

We distinguish three different types of delegations.

No matter which of the tours fits your wishes we always arrange

1. The full planning from departure from Amsterdam till return back home

2. Pre-screening Chinese partners and monitoring all meetings

3. Professional, discrete translators

4. A complete picture of the market in your area of interest 

5. an introduction to relevant government agencies

6. Guides, counsel on cultural differences, interpretation/translation services

7. All travel documents, and Visa