Market research and Strategy

Penetrating foreign markets will, without doubt, result in a need for information and a strategy development.

New customers find it difficult to navigate the Chinese business environment. DragonDancers will give you insight into your company’s sales potential, corporate bodies, market transparency, environmental policies, the tax system and other matters that relate to your specific business situation. 

Our strategy consulting services can be provided in the following subjects: 

• Company reliability check
• Competitors scan
• Company strategy analysis
• Suppliers research
• Industry analysis
• Operational analysis

Fields of expertise

DragonDancers has carried out several research projects in the following industries:

Heavy Industry:
- Construction steel
- Semi finished products
- Concrete steel
- Cement

Fast moving consumer goods:
- Garments 
- Glassware

High Tech:
- Industrial software
- HiFi equipment
- Mobiel phones
- Medical equipment
Service Sector:
- Travel Industry