VIP trips

DragonDancers arranges for the top level businesspeople, celebrities, politicians and other VIP's highly sophisticated trips with 1-to-1 guidance of a China expert.

People with full agenda's require flexibility and professionalism when it comes to sudden changes in the travel schedule.

Our years of experience, up-to-date knowledge and efficient back office, enables us to implement any changes smoothly without delays.

For our clientele that selects this service, we offer the following services:
  • Schedule meetings with Chinese and international top management
  • Arrange visits to governmental institutes
  • Provide simultaneous translations
  • Highly diverse culinary program including background information and anecdotes
Contact us today for the possibilities.
Some examples:

- Ronde Tafel 2007
- De Prom 2006
- HvA 2006
- Munckhof 2005
- Van Calster 2004