Incentive trips

China is more then just doing business. To improve motivation, to inspire new ideas, China is an excellent country to visit.

China has endless cultural attractions and many possibilities combining these with business themes. 

No matter if  you want to be surprised, to be impressed or just want to better understand  the country every one else is talking about, we can organize your incentive.  

Depending on your targets, we provide you with an excellent mix of:
- Team building
- Knowledge acquisition
- Recreation 

Next to work related visits we will see the highlights of China, universities, workshops and much more. Bear Always in mind that you are not a tourist.

Team building
Because of the relatively low cost, China is first choice by many companies for arranging incentives that focuss on the team building aspect. Workshops, games and assignments are the tools used against a wonderfull historical setting at the background.
Surprisingly orginal
Whether you want to visit the great wall by motor bike or a nearly completed prestogious building project. Our incentives are orginional, tailor made and contain the message you want to communicate to the participants.

Depth & Access
Many media has mentioned the pollution issues of China, but what about the solutions? We bring you in touch with the specialist to hear their vision and side of the story. Ideally such meetings will be arranged at relevant places

What are the standards and values in China? How do Chinese people look at the West? What happened in the past 100 years? A crash court Chinese thinking and handeling can be overed for people who are in need of understanding the Chinese cultures.