Some people call China the world’s stock barn. Export from China has explosively grown in the recent decennia. Despite the efforts of the Chinese government of implementing minimum quality standards, many Western importers have bad experiences with unreliable suppliers.
Roots of disagreements vary from a difference in interpretation up to complete deception. 

DragonDancers provides reliability checks that can be carried out at the start of your sourcing process.

Manufacture in China?
Half of the success is on the side of the importer. Because China is well-known as export country, many make the mistake thinking that everything is cheaper in China. This is a misinterpretation. Most successful sourcing projects achieve their price economical advantage by labor intensive products!

DragonDancers highlights the different angles of economical motivations producing in China. 
Social Sustainable Quality

Every purchaser bids for the perfect price/quality balance.

In the recent years, China has made the news more than once due to low and even dangerous quality standards at product delivery. DragonDancers believes that the importer is at least as responsible as the manufacturer for quality inspections before reaching the end-user. 

We admire a production line that and facility that matches the ethnic rules of a developed society. 

Our experts literarily walk around in the production facilities, observe, report and advise to both manufacturer as well as purchaser.

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