Rational Emotions

People like to think of China as the country where one third of the world’s population lives and are, as such, referring to the unprecedented potential market. Indeed, the number of people sharing the same language in a single market cannot be compared to that in European countries. Location costs may be lower, but the different regions cannot, simply be approached with the exact same strategy.      

Nevertheless, it is possible to define some common denominators. 

One of these is the combination of decreasing trust in domestic products and the chauvinist attitude of Chinese consumers. This results in a unique decision making process when purchasing products.  

Without entering into an in-depth discussion of this process, it can be said that it appears as if Chinese consumers are sensitive to socially economical arguments. A product that, apart from contributing to quality also contributes to local economic arguments is easily motivated and promoted. 
A company can earn respect and prestige by concretely showing a desire to add surplus value to the local market.   
Aside from improving the sales arguments and positive publicity for the organisation, it shows the local government to its best advantage. 
Emphasizing the socially justified aspects of your enterprise may, eventually, lead to a smoother expansion of activities to other regions in China.