Specific Orientation

Even though the world has fallen under the spell of the economic crisis, entrepreneurs realize that stagnation inevitably means going back. China has not, all of the sudden, become less popular as a business partner, and for some the current situation gives an extra boost to find out where and how money can be saved. 

For the companies that want to orientate themselves to do business with China, there are a diverse number of ways to organize a delegation. Possible options include joining a trade mission organized by your government or taking one’s chances with a business partner such as DragonDancers or, alternatively, to find your own course making your own appointments and plans. 

As a result of the enormous popularity of China and the great number of delegations, Chinese companies and public bodies have become more critical and selective where foreign visitors are concerned. China is no longer a country where every foreign businessman is received automatically and without exception as a ‘special guest’.

Therefore, it is absolutely necessary to be well-prepared for your visit in order to reach a successful result. This preparation also means that the purpose and possible content of the visit must be agreed upon by both parties before the visit.

Experience teaches us that most self-organized trips end in a complete debacle!

 The most important reasons for this are a lack of understanding of the language and culture which causes unnecessary and unintended communication problems for the visiting entrepreneur, who, without a clear target sets out on a fact-finding mission.

Exploring and orientating doesn’t mean that the trip shouldn’t have clear-cut goals.      

Decide for each talk what the maximum attainable result is and divide this into a number of (sub)goals. Sharing your goals during an early stage of your trip with a possible partner helps to minimize the chances of a mismatch in China and this will make the visit more target-oriented and sufficient.

A better tuning in advance will significantly increase the chances of success.