Minimize the maximum price

Most organizations have more suppliers than buyers. When purchasing a computer, printing brochures, hosting a website, booking a flight, in short, when bringing aids into action for daily management, you are the client. 

Negotiating is one of China’s national sports and it is almost surprising that it was not an official part of the 2008 Olympics. Most Chinese suppliers will present a maximum price, which is open for bargaining. These types of negations do not only take place at large conference tables or at a small retail level, it happens everywhere!

Deals can be made even with renowned companies and exerting a minimum amount of pressure can work to your advantage. A good example may be how we once saved hundreds of Euros by negotiating with the post office. An unthinkable situation in Europe, where on this level price and processes are directed by the suppliers.

During daily processes, a profit can be made by not by default agreeing with the initial price indications. In most cases, it soon becomes clear that the price can be lowered or that you can obtain more for the same price.  

Do, however, pay attention that the time invested is proportional to the maximum attainable result!