Show your ID.

The Dutch are very attached to their own identity, which includes outspoken opinions and a clear political vision. Others are judged based on knowledge or his/her attitude in certain situations. 

The Chinese have a radically different approach. Political visions are difficult to distinguish and opinions are only rarely openly announced. Persons are judged based on career, possessions and the position on the social scale is used as a point of reference. 

Individual contact whilst conducting business is valued more in China than it is in the West. The description of your identity in a Chinese frame of reference may be extremely qualifying for the relationship and, as such, its success.

Make use of “I am” and/or “I have” instead of “I think” and/or “I believe” where your identity is concerned. These clear and powerful terms will help your Chinese partner to establish a certain image.

In order for there to be trust, people first need to know who you are.