Christmas Hit

The holiday season has arrived again and for many companies this is a good time to provide relations with an extra impulse.

However, how this works with regard to Chinese relations is somewhat of an issue for many Western companies. Gifts are clearly exchanged during the Lunar Festival and Chinese New Year; so is something expected at Christmas as well or is sending 3 gifts each year too much of a good thing?

You will not be alone in sending gifts during the Lunar Festival or Chinese New Year. Especially during Chinese New Year so many gifts are exchanged that they often end up being forwarded. In other words, the gift you send with Chinese New Year will be less noticeable.     

The right gift represents your (business) culture, the relation and the message of the holiday in question. Therefore, it is advisable for companies to send a card or gift for Christmas and something small, or an e-card for Chinese New Year.  

At Christmas you will be original, there are few distractions and therefore there is more attention for your gift so it can be more fulfilling. Of course, in reverse, the same also applies to Chinese companies. 

You are, after all, far more likely to appreciate a Chinese gift on a Chinese National Holiday, than a gift from a Chinese who is taking a shot at presenting you with a gift in “Western style”.
We wish you a Merry Christmas!